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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Schedule your dryer vent cleaning in Plainfield IL today through Rousculp's Heating & Cooling.

Clean dryer vents improve the efficiency of your dryer and reduce energy costs. Not only do clean dryer vents help save you money, they drastically improve home safety. Lint traps catch roughly 60% of the lint from one load of laundry and the other 40% goes through the dryer vent. While you clean your lint trap on a regular basis, the dryer vents are often forgotten about. It is very important to schedule routine dryer vent cleaning because clogged dryer vents are an extreme fire hazard. Give us a call at Rousculp’s Heating & Cooling and we will professionally clean all of the parts of your dryer vent system and prevent a fire from igniting behind your washer dryer system.

Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning?

  • More efficient drying
    • Clean dryer vents improve the efficiency of your dryer and reduce energy costs.
  • Save time and frustration
    • Have you ever taken your clothes out of the dryer and they were still wet? This could be due to clogged dryer vents.
  • Reduce likelihood of fire
    • Clogged or blocked dryer vents start fires. Because the dryer vents are tucked behind the dryer in a confined space, smoke alarms are not triggered as fast as they should be and fires can be deadly.

For regular maintenance on your dryer vents, give us a call at Rousculp’s Heating & Cooling. We care about your home safety!