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Air Flow

Improve your indoor air quality in Joliet IL by having a clean Ductless Mini Split.

Airflow is a critical component of any HVAC system—it’s the V (ventilation) in HVAC. Unfortunately, most homes in the United States have poor duct design which contributes to poor airflow. Obviously, improper airflow results in areas of your home that don’t receive the heating or cooling needed to keep you comfortable. It also means your furnace and air conditioner work longer and harder which increases your utility bills.

Rousculp’s Heating & Cooling technicians check your basic airflow with a static pressure test each time they work on your HVAC equipment. This helps them identify any blockages in your system which can cause your furnace or air conditioner to shut down. Major blockages include the one inch pleated filters that can suffocate your furnace. They become clogged within a couple of weeks and reduce the airflow which causes the shut-down.

Advanced airflow testing includes using a flow hood and the blower door test. This can show exactly the cfm (cubic feet per minute) of airflow through each room. Our technician can then give you options to correct the airflow. Proper airflow solves many comfort issues in your home and helps reduce your utility bills.

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