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Blower Door Test

Keep Your Family Healthy and Your Utility Bill Low With Blower Door Testing

We specialize in Zoning to keep your home comfortable in Shorewood IL.

As part of our whole house checkup services, we will use the blower door test to distinguish the amount of air change per hour and loss per hour. Testing the airtightness of your home through a blower door test will help you identify leaks and reduce unnecessary energy consumption. The blower door test uses an infiltrometer to test your house’s outside air infiltration. The infiltrometer fits an entryway or door and works to pressurize the interior of your home.

  • Are some of your rooms hard to heat or cool?
  • Do you suffer from allergies?
  • Do you seem to be dusting all the time?

The blower door test will tell you if you have enough fresh air ventilation, how to make your house more comfortable, and how to keep outdoor dust and pollen out of your home. If you have significant air leakage, this can impact the size and cost of a new air conditioner and furnace.

Here at Rousculp’s Heating & Cooling, we strive to make sure your system operates as efficiently as possible. The blower door test will show you where your home is leaking and Rousculp’s will help you determine which repairs will have the biggest impact on your health and utility bill.

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**Rousculps does not perform blower door testing for construction contractors or newly-constructed homes.**
**Our services are only intended for residential use.**